James Ijames

Playwright + Performer







Paula Vogel says the job of the artist is to make the familiar strange and the strange familiar. This has always struck me as deeply true and fundamental to what I hope my work as a theatre maker does. 

I'm preoccupied with inheritance and legacy. What do we get from those who came before us? What do will we leave behind?

The plays ask an audience to work together towards examining this where we've been and where our current actions will lead us in the future. I want the audience to build together. To watch and to listen. The play, is a gesture towards building community. Building a new kind of legacy. 

Equal opportunity. No one is safe. We all need a mirror to fix our hair.

I'm also obsessed with the American experiment. How we can use art to expose how imperfect this place is, in an effort to make it more perfect. "A more perfect union."

One play at a time...amiright!

Finally, if it's not entertaining why the hell are we doing it. Make'm Laugh. Make'm Cry. Make'm call their Senator. But by any means necessary. Make'm do something. Can't change anybody's mind if they're asleep.